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Your qualified retirement plan, perhaps more than any other employee benefit program, combines current employer tax savings with retirement security for your employees. In order for your plan to obtain and keep its qualified status, the trustee and plan administrator must perform certain duties. Midwest Pension provides you with the necessary services to maintain compliance for your retirement plan.

Our Methods

For our staff, servicing your retirement plan is not simply gathering data and performing compliance testing. To ensure you and your employees’ needs are met, our pension consultants and their support staff dedicate significant time to the following areas.


Keeping current with changes in your company status and employee demographics to ensure the plan features continue to meet your company’s objectives.

Subscription to national publication services ensure we are updated immediately with any government regulatory changes, allowing us to determine how these changes may affect the design and testing of your retirement plan.

Membership in local and national study groups allow for discussion and analysis of issues encountered in other areas of the country. Comparing other company’s administrative procedures against our procedures will solidify your opinion that Midwest Pension’s Full Service Administration provides the most comprehensive service offered in the industry.

We can also assist you with plan design and implementation.


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